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Regular facials can help maintain healthy-looking skin over time by promoting cell turnover, improving circulation, stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation, and enhancing product absorption.

It’s important to note that while facials can provide immediate benefits, optimal results are often achieved through a series of treatments performed at regular intervals.

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During a holistic facial, we will use natural and organic products that are free from harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. These products are carefully selected to nourish and heal your skin while minimizing any potential harm to your body or the environment.

The facial typically includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation, massage techniques, mask application, and moisturization. The specific steps may vary depending on individual needs and length of the facial chosen but always aim to restore vitality and radiance to your complexion.

A deeply relaxing yet functional facial. The perfect way to nourish your skin.

45 mins €70
60 mins €85


A honey facial is a luxurious and nourishing skincare treatment that harnesses the natural healing properties of honey to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.
During a honey facial organic honey is applied to your face. Honey is known for its antibacterial properties, making it effective in fighting acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. It also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin and providing deep hydration. The enzymes present in honey gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and promoting cell turnover for a brighter complexion.
Additionally, honey contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental damage and promote overall skin health.

After this facial you’ll notice immediate results – soft, supple skin with improved texture and radiance. Regular honey facials can help improve acne-prone or dry skin conditions over time by balancing oil production and replenishing lost moisture.

The benefits of a honey facial include:

1. Deep Hydration: Honey’s humectant properties provide intense hydration to dry or dehydrated skin, leaving it plump and moisturized.
2. Gentle Exfoliation: The enzymes in honey naturally exfoliate dead skin cells without harsh scrubbing or irritation, revealing smoother and more radiant-looking skin.
3. Antibacterial Properties: Honey’s antimicrobial properties help combat acne-causing bacteria while reducing redness and inflammation associated with breakouts.
4. Antioxidant Protection: The antioxidants found in honey help protect against free radicals that can damage the skin cells over time due to environmental factors like pollution or UV exposure.
5. Soothing & Calming: The natural sugars in honey create a soothing effect on irritated or sensitive skin, providing relief and promoting a healthy complexion.

Indulge in the sweet benefits of a honey facial and experience the transformative power of this natural ingredient. Book your honey facial today for a blissful skincare experience that will leave your skin glowing and revitalized.

45 mins €70
60 mins €85

Ultra Sonic

Introducing our brand new Ultra Sonic Facial, a revolutionary treatment that combines the power of ultrasound technology with two exceptional facial options:

Deep Cleanse
Ultrasonic therapy uses sound waves that work to gently and non-invasively to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and refresh the skin. This electrical treatment sends vibrations that helps to loosen and lift out sebum, blackheads and dead skin cells for a facial refresh.
Our Deep Cleanse facial is designed to thoroughly purify your skin, removing impurities, excess oil, and unclogging pores. The ultrasonic waves gently exfoliate the surface of your skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalized. This treatment effectively targets blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes while promoting a clearer complexion.

For those seeking to combat signs of aging, our Anti-Aging facial is the perfect choice. The ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production and improving elasticity. This helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin for a more youthful appearance. Additionally, this facial aids in enhancing overall skin tone and texture. Both facials utilize state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology that allows for deeper product penetration during the treatment process. This means that any serums or masks applied will be absorbed more effectively by your skin, maximizing their benefits.

Experience the ultimate indulgence in skincare with our new Ultra Sonic Facial! Whether you desire a thorough cleanse or wish to turn back the clock on aging signs, this treatment offers incredible results. Book an appointment today to enjoy a rejuvenating experience like no other!

75min €110

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