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Henna & Tinting

Henna: A New Generation of Eyebrow Tinting

We custom every tint to suit you, 8 shades to choose from

  • Covers gray hairs
  • Gives fuller looking brows
  • Lasts longer than regular tint
  • No ammonia or lead. Only natural Henna. Will not weaken your brow hair.

Made from 88% all-natural henna. Not mixed with any harmful ingredients for the skin or hairs.


Brow Henna 20mins €22
Henna & Brow Thread 45mins €38
(and lash tint /All 3 with henna) €50
Henna & lash tint (no threading) 30mins €30


Brow tint €12
Brow tint & Brow Thread €28
(and lash tint/all 3) €45
Lash tint €19


All tinting requires a 48hr PATCH TEST

PLEASE NOTE: a patch test or a service requiring a patch test CAN NOT be done if you have received your vaccine over the last 2 weeks before your appointment/patch test appointment.

All tinting not suitable during pregnancy.

Please avoid false tan on the faced for 48hrs before you come for your tinting appointment.

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