Safety Protocol

Health & Safety Protocols @ Priya

A lot of our sanitising protocols were always in place even before COVID 19 but just to reassure you here is some info on our procedures:


  • Client & therapist will be wearing masks.
  • Therapist always wash hands and wear new gloves before every client.
  • All tools including thread are cleaned, sanitised and put under UV light after every client.
  • A new brow brush is used for every client.
  • Our barbacide solutions are changed daily.
  • Our working stations are cleaned and sanitised after each client.


  • Therapist always wash hands before and after every client
  • Cotton sheets are changed after each client and washed at a high temperature.
  • Our treatment room will be cleaned and sanitised after each client.

Please relax and enjoy your treatment @ Priya

We would like to thank you for your co-operation and we really hope to see you soon.
Priya Team

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