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Wheat Bags

Ease those aches and pains with these lovely Lavender Wheat Bags.

Priya Picture: Miki Barlok

Neck warmers €20
Eye pillows €13

Wheat bags have been used as an alternative therapy for many years. Wheat has a unique cellular structure which can absorb heat or cold quickly and then release it evenly. This makes a wheat bag a wonderful and safe alternative to a hot water bottle. The relaxing and calming properties of lavender are well known. Simply heat in a microwave on full heat for 2 minutes (times vary) or alternatively cool in the fridge.

Hand Made In Cork..
100% Cotton and filled with Organic Wheat.

Wheat bags have been known to help all the following conditions: 
Arthritis and Aching Joints. Sprains and Strains. Menstrual Pains.