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1 Hour € 75.00
45 min € 60.00

Reflexology works on the principal that every organ and system of the body has a corresponding point or zone in the feet. Pressure is applied to each pressure point in the toes, feet and ankles to release tension, remove blockages and disperse accumulation of calcium and uric acid. It also stimulates blood circulation and promotes healing of both physical and mental disorders, including skin, respiratory conditions, migraine, PMS and stress.

Pre Natal Reflexology

60 min  € 75.00
45 min € 60.00

Reflexology can be extremely benificial for expectant mothers and their babies, both to treat a variety of conditions such as anxiety, backache, nausea, oedema and to aid relaxation and induce sleep.

Pre-natal reflexology can be done from the 2nd trimester and right up to due date. Also very good for over due mums to help induce labour.

Contra indications for Prenatal reflexology unless we get a letter from your doctor or midwife:
High risk pregnancy
Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)
Previous pre-term labor
Experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure, or sudden, severe headaches.

Mini Package 
pay for 3 and get the 3rd half price.
(must be paid in full on the 1st session &
valid for 6 months)

Full Package
pay for 5 and get the 6th FREE
(must be paid in full by the 3rd session & valid for 12 months)