Arrival at Priya

Arrival at Priya photo

Please follow this link to fill out a screening form before your appointment in Priya SCREENING FORM

Priya will be adhering to strict COVID19 proofing protocols with rigorous sanitizing and social distancing methods:

Arrival to Priya

Please wait to be greeted at the door.

  • You will need to wear a mask on arrival to Priya, if you do not have one, we can supply you with one.
  • The Priya team will also be wearing masks.
  • All clients to sanitise hands as they are greeted at the door, place your belongings in a box (please bring minimal belongings) and this will be brought to your treatment area
  • Solo appointment only. All clients must arrive alone to their appointment.
  • Non-essential touching like hand shaking will be refrained from.
  • Only 1 person to be waiting in our waiting areas.

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