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Threading is a hair removal technique which originated in India, it involves twisting a piece of cotton thread which is then used to pick up a line of hairs and remove it, without irritating the skin. Ideal for the face. Click here for tinting and henna

Please be assured that we have taken this time to re train in the method that we use for threading, we now use an Iranian technique that we loop around our neck so we do not have to anchor the thread in our mouth.

Lip & chin
Lip & chin & neck
from €25
Sides of face
from  €20
Full face
from  €50
Full face including Eyebrows
from €60

It is very difficult to put a definite price on facial threading when it goes outside of the more common areas of lip/chin/brows. We have to go by the amount of time taken when considering the price for sides of face, neck or other areas that differ in times depending on the clients hair growth and how often it is maintained.

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