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We have a range of eyebrow products to help you maintain beautiful brow at home.

Priya Brow Treatment Oil
This is a great treatment oil for thinning brows, also ideal for overplucked eyebrows to help them grow. Made with castor and jojoba oil. Castor oil is a well known oil to help stimulate hair growth.
Use as a night treatment after you remove your make up, be sure to use it every night for better results. Can also be used on your lashes. €10

Beautiful Brows Eyebrow KitBB A2 Poster
All the eyebrow essentials you need to create the ultimate look in brow definition, color and shape. Free trial In Store €45
Smudge proof
Sweat proof
Water resistant
Instant face lift

Priya Eyebrow Gel
This is a good product if you find it hard to keep your eyebrows in shape. Apply with the handy brow applicator to keep your brows in shape. €10