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Indian Head

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

60 min: €70
This whole treatment is deeply relaxing, leaving you feel energised and revitalised. A favourite at Priya.

This highly beneficial massage works on your back, neck, head and face and can help ailments such as headaches, blocked sinuses, eye/ear problems and stiff neck. Using a heated blend of ayurvedic oils, we start with a back massage and then move on to a head massage which is very effective at relieving stress and the heated oils are great for the hair and scalp, we then wrap a hot towel around the head to allow the oils to penetrate, we finish with a relaxing facial massage.

Mini Indian Head Massage (no oil in hair)

30min  : €35

For those who want to experience a Indian Head Massage with no oil in the hair.

The Mini Indian Head Massage involves a massage to the top of the shoulders/ neck and then onto the head and face. You will be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. No oil is used in the hair during this treatment.

Add Ear Candling to Mini Indian Head Massage
60min €65